Consider This: Conway's revitalization will take community support

A very exciting and promising idea is bubbling up from Conway.  Leaders revealed a plan to connect the downtown with the river walk.

Conway city leaders say the goal is to have a thriving and vibrant downtown.  This new plan should do just that by connecting the two unique areas where people can enjoy recreation, restaurants and shops.

I am excited to see this develop and glad to know the timeline to start implementing the plan is just a few weeks away.

But to do it takes vision, dedication, money and a commitment from residents, and both private and public leaders.

Consider This:  Our small cities have such charm and character and unfortunately have been neglected and left to dilapidate for too long.   Conway has such a beautiful, historic downtown and the focus to attract and help local businesses has been impressive.  But to keep up the revitalization will take support from everybody in the community.

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