Fundraiser raises money to rebuild homes in Nichols

Fundraiser raises money to rebuild homes in Nichols

NICHOLS, SC (WMBF) - An estimated $50,000 to $60,000 was raised after more than 200 volunteers with the Cooks for Christ organization held a fundraiser Thursday for the Nichols Disaster Relief Fund.

Since Hurricane Matthew devastated the town back in October, Nichols has been struggling to rebuild itself. Roads were flooded and homes were destroyed.

Thus, Cooks for Christ volunteers came together at the West Florence Fire Station and served hot meals to nearly 8,000 people in the community to raise money for the cause.

For $7, residents could purchase a plate of homemade chicken bog. All they had to do was drive up in their car, purchase a ticket and then drive away with a hot meal.

Henry Brunson, founder of Cooks for Christ, expressed his admiration and pride over the number of volunteers who showed up to make the event a success.

"It amazes me how these fundraisers do, how the people come out and how the work of our lord Jesus Christ does in this town," Brunson said. "It is awesome. When you go out there and stand you'll see two or 300 volunteers coming in and helping someone through the name of the Lord. And this is what it's all about, is putting it in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ, he's the one that gets all the honor and glory."

A separate committee with the Nichols Disaster Relief Fund will survey homes in the town and determine which ones need the most assistance.

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