Experts discuss healthy relationships on ‘Mistress Day’

Experts discuss healthy relationships on ‘Mistress Day’
Christopher Galton is a child, adult and family counselor with Lakeview Counseling. (Source: WMBF News)
Christopher Galton is a child, adult and family counselor with Lakeview Counseling. (Source: WMBF News)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - This is not a joke; Mistress Day is an unofficial holiday.

Studies have shown 79 percent of cheating husbands will see their mistress on the day before Valentine's Day, making Monday possibly just as busy for restaurants and florists as Tuesday will be.

However, one Myrtle Beach relationship counselor said finding out what leads to marital infidelity is just as important as the cheating itself.

Christopher Galton, a licensed counselor with more than 35 years experience in counseling adults, children and families, said couples must know the signs of a healthy relationship.

"Love is helping that person be the best they want to be, not the best you want them to be," he said. "If I am trying to change you to something I want you to be, then I'm not loving you for who you are."

Galton added gifts and spending quality time together are just a few ways couples can show each other love. He said problems can arise when they stop connecting with one another.

Then there is criticism, which Galton said can lead to feelings of loneliness and anger.

"Sometimes you may feel you are on the defensive, where you have to defend yourself," he said. "That's a sign there's a problem."

Those rising problems could eventually lead to cheating.

"Unfortunately, a lot of times people feel like it was the other woman or that other man  that got in between us," Galton said. "And frankly, it is often the marriage is already rocky, and the other one is turning to a relationship with somebody who is supporting them."

Galton said people should pay attention to instances of their partner walking away, avoiding the conversation or not dealing with issues that are troubling them. These are all signs of a bigger problem.

"Having a good, healthy relationship with somebody is very important to feel worthwhile and move forward with our lives," he said.

While Valentine's Day is a good time for a person to show their partner they care, it should not be the only time.

"We often forget things, and so sometimes we often use a special day to remind ourselves of how important the other person is," Galton said. "Valentine's is a great opportunity to share with the other one that you mean something to me, but at the same time, everyday is important to say that."

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