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Consider This: In the age of sexting teens, parents have responsibility

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We recently reported on an incident that involved local high school students and sexting.

A 15-year old student sent out a request in a group text asking for nude photos.  Several students went to the school resource officer and that put a stop it.

However, the teenager is now in trouble and it could have an impact on him for life…and could even land him on the sex offender registry. There definitely should be consequences for this type of behavior, but a mistake like this should not haunt a person for years down the road…as they apply for college or a job.

Consider This:  Teenagers make bad decisions and it is hard for them to understand the long term or permanent consequences of their impulses.

It is the responsibility of parents to teach them right from wrong and how to learn from their own mistakes.  With smartphones in their hands 24 hours a day and social media a top priority…make sure you know who they are talking to and what is being said.  Nothing beats being an involved parent even if it makes you and your child uncomfortable at times.  Let them know it is OK to speak up and talk about something that doesn’t seem right so it can be addressed before any permanent damage is done.

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