Local students send care packages to Syrian refugees

Local students send care packages to Syrian refugees

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – For students at the Coastal Leadership Academy, sending help to Syrian refugees goes beyond simply putting together a care package.

Eleventh graders Mikey Abercrombie and Colleen Matthews are just two of the students helping CLA's board chair, Bridgett Fowler, put together these care packages.

"They'll be really happy and to make other people happy is just a really great feeling," Matthews said.

Fowler works hand in hand with CCI Greenheart, a foreign exchange high school program that will be hand-delivering the packages to refugees in Greece next week.

"We had an overwhelming response. I believe we originally just wanted to do 25 bags, because I have to carry them on the plane with me," Fowler said. "You know, get them in my suitcase, and we, within 24 hours, had every item that we needed filled."

The care packages contain everything from shampoo and toothpaste, to coloring books and stuffed animals. Although the items may seem small, these students know just how important they will be to the people in these refugee camps, especially after everything they've been through.

"And I think it's terrible, but I think it's great we are able to do things like this to help them," Abercrombie said. "Although it may not get them out of the situation, it will at least help a little bit."

For those at CLA, this effort speaks to two values at the center of the charter school - volunteerism and leadership.

The packages will be heading to Greece on Feb. 14 and will be hand delivered to women and children staying at the refugee camp on Feb. 16.

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