Veteran experiences ongoing issues with construction company in Conway

Veteran experiences ongoing issues with construction company in Conway

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Not only do you have to deal with the inconvenience of the work, you have to find someone to do it and the money to fund the repairs.

WMBF talked to one homeowner who says he paid thousands of dollars for work that was never finished.

If you go to Facebook and type in G and G construction it says "We are here for you," but John Penna disagrees.

"He stopped showing up, he neglected phone calls completed, his phone number consistently changes from the numbers we were given," Penna said.

Penna is a Gulf War Veteran.

He says he signed a contract with G and G construction in Conway two months ago to replace his floors, roof and fence after he received relief money from Hurricane Matthew.

But as soon as he signed and gave G and G almost $10,000, he said the company missed repeated deadlines, so he called police and filed a report.

"He had the roof shipped and it was at his house which made no sense, this is where it need to be so why would you send 17-foot long steel panels to move from your house to here, so we knew that as not accurate," Penna said. "The cop asked him about this and said then he said the roofing was stolen."

Penna also went to Facebook.

"We put on there that we were taken for over $10,000 where no material was delivered, and the work was not rendered and the work that was done took way too long and that they were only here two days a week sometimes," Penna said.

WMBF News called the construction company; the owner confirmed there were issues involving Penna's house, but he said he's working to fix the problem.

However, Penna said "not fast enough," because he got a letter from his mortgage company.

"Paper said that it's been 45 days since you've received the money and they were going to look at everything that was done from the adjuster's paper," Penna said.

To date, the flooring underneath the house isn't complete, shingles are still out on his front lawn and his fence hasn't been touched.

"I can't afford to pay anyone else to do this because that money is all in his pocket now," Penna explained.

While in Conway, WMBF News reached out to the local Better Business Bureau office. We're told a contractor asking for a large deposit should be a red flag. Shop around to get estimates and ask for references to the company's recent projects before signing a contract.

"Don't believe everything you hear, you really need to do your homework, you have to check it, public records down at town hall are free and easy and they're online, you can do that and get a good history of somebody," Penna expressed.

We'll keep you updated on this story as the homeowner and the company work to rectify the situation.

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