WMBF News Investigates: HCS Board raise needs another vote

WMBF News Investigates: HCS Board raise needs another vote

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The move to tie Horry County School Board pay to Horry County Council's salary will need another vote before it becomes official. A WMBF News investigation into state law found the board's salary can "only become effective after receiving two public readings that must be at least twenty-one days apart."

That's according to Act 612 of 1980, it covers compensation of members of the Horry County Board of Education. Chairman Joe Defeo confirmed with WMBF News the law applies in this case.

Monday night's vote during a special called meeting passed seven to three. The special called meeting did not include a time for public input. The next meeting is February 20th, but that falls just 14 days after the initial vote, meaning it could be on hold until the March 6th Work Session.

Defeo doesn't believe public input during a meeting will change the minds of the board members.

WMBF News did check into the legality of tying board salary to a separate public body. Defeo referenced speaking with a lawyer in Columbia before Monday's meeting. That lawyer was David Duff of Duff & White, LLC in Columbia.

Duff told WMBF News he was satisfied with the motion the board voted on saying, "If I thought there was a legal problem, I would have mentioned that. I do not see any legal problem there."

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