Loris puts plan in motion to fix 30-year drainage, flooding issues

Loris puts plan in motion to fix 30-year drainage, flooding issues

LORIS, SC (WMBF) - The city of Loris has a plan in place to fix flooding issues after hearing outcries from the community. A city council meeting was held Monday night where leaders laid out parts of their plan.

"It's just been too long, we've been trying to do this for thirty years," said Mayor Henry Nichols. Nichols says the project is finally moving in the right direction after successfully borrowing construction equipment from Horry County. "We still have some of those ditches that are still clogged up with water, and so that can get us some immediate relief. I guess you would call it low-hanging fruit that we can start on right away," said Nichols.

Nichols says while they don't have the money they need to fix the drainage system, they do have the money to get started.

"The drainage problems and buying the pipes and everything we need is probably going to be upwards in the millions of dollars. But we need to get started with the surveys, the studies and things like that," said Nichols. "We had a forum and one of the senior citizens said that her insurance was going up by a thousand dollars, and that's devastating if you are on a fixed income."

Nichols says he's heard the people of Loris loud and clear, and they've waited long enough.

"After thirty years, they're finally getting the attention that they need and we feel like in the next three or four years, we'll be ahead of the project, we'll either be finished or just about to finish. But we gotta get started now," said Nichols.

The council voted unanimously tonight to start negotiations with a contractor to figure out exactly how much the project will cost.

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