Judge revokes bond for suspect charged for kidnapping, murdering Aynor teen

Judge revokes bond for suspect charged for kidnapping, murdering Aynor teen
Javon Gibbs, charged with Malinowski's kidnapping and murder. (Source: JRLDC)
Javon Gibbs, charged with Malinowski's kidnapping and murder. (Source: JRLDC)

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – At a hearing Monday afternoon, bond was revoked for one of the men accused of kidnapping and murdering Zachary Malinowski, an Aynor man who was 19 when he went missing in 2013.

The judge revoked a previous bond given to Javon Gibbs in the Malinowski murder case, ruling that Gibbs violated the terms of that bond by allegedly killing Laquan Johnson back in September.

In the hearing, a detective with the Horry County Police Department was called to the stand to detail the scene when police arrived to find Laquan Johnson shot and killed, telling the court a witness identified Javon Gibbs as the one who pulled the trigger.

"He did later die from a single gunshot wound to the head," Amy Hardwick with HCPD said.

Gibbs was released out on bond back in 2015 for good behavior, which required him to be home from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. each night and have no contact with the victim's family.

Prosecutors argued in the motion filed to revoke his bond that the recent shooting violates both the "good behavior" and curfew conditions for his release.

While both the attorney general's office, which is handling the Zachary Malinowski case, and Gibbs' defense attorney asked various questions, the judge decided to revoke the bond on the Malinowski murder charge.

This is something, Malinowski's mother, Melissa Jordan, is thankful for but admits, she knows this isn't her last day in court or the last time she'll have to face Gibbs.

"To be able to sit in there... I may make it look easy... but it's not, it's not at all," Jordan said.

A moment, that was visibly not easy for the family was when Gibbs' defense attorney said there were holes in Malinowski's case.

"Just not having your child... at any time anybody in that room brings up his name... it's almost like it takes your breath away," Jordan said.

As hard as the hearing was for Malinowski's family, they did walk away with some piece of mind.

"Very glad for, of course for Zachary, I feel like it's a little bit of justice for Zach but then I also feel like our neighborhood, our community is safer with both of the boys involved behind bars tonight," Jordan said.

While they may know where Gibbs will be now, the harsh reality for the family is, they still don't know where Zachary is.

"My main goal in all of this is just to find my child and bring him home and give him a proper burial," Jordan added. "I think he deserves that. I think everyone deserves that."

Malinowski's mother is urging anyone with information to please come forward, reminding everyone all of these tips are anonymous.

As for the new charges in Javon Gibbs' second alleged murder, it is possible his defense attorneys could challenge the bond related to that case. By doing that, it could also bring Gibbs' original bond in the Malinowski case, back into question.

As for the family of Laquan Johnson, they were not in the courtroom Monday.

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