Up-and-coming boxer fights at Myrtle Beach Convention Center

Up-and-coming boxer fights at Myrtle Beach Convention Center

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Saturday night marked the second night in a row for the Rough N' Rowdy boxing competition at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

WMBF News Multimedia Journalist George Umbenhauer talked to local 18-year-old contender Tyler Rossi before and after his opening night fight Friday.

"It's been a couple years now since I've been doing it," said Tyler Rossi. "Really just get a passion for it."

Tyron Johnson of Title 9 Boxing spoke to Rossi's skill and athleticism.

"Tyler, young guy, he's only 18. But he's a great athlete - smart kid. He can catch his own real fast. I think he can really make some noise in this sport if you stayed disciplined and continue to train hard," said Tyron Johnson.

"I know it's going to be rough, I mean, the name's rough and rowdy, so you know, it's gonna be a brawl," Rossi said. "I'm a really technical fighter, I like to pick my shots versus people are who are more brawlers than you know anything else."

Rossi said he has a knack for sizing up an opponent.

"Usually you can look into their eyes, see if they're stronger or weaker. And you can't really tell by their body type cause you know, they could be skinny and they can still hit pretty hard. It's all about your technique and how you throw your punches and use your hips and anything else."

He talked about his gameplan.

"I'm most ready to do my thing, it's what I love doing - try staying close and using my low center of gravity to my advantage," he said.

Johnson critiqued Rossi's Friday night fight.

"I think it went very well for him. It was a tough fight, the kid he fought was very good, very strong. But Tyler came on strong and threw some great punches," Johnson said. "His angles, he caught him with a great hook, which he has a great hook. He just didn't follow up with the right hand."

Rossi talked about his style.

"I tried to use, uh, tried to cover up and find my openings and catch him with a hard to, you know, daze him, or whatever I could do. But, I had a great opponent, he fought good," Rossi said.

"You know, he worked the ring pretty good and uh it was a good fight for Tyler, good fight," Johnson said.

The up-and-comer said the fight has just begun.

"Yeah, I gotta go rest, get some food, I'm sore - same thing again."

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