Political expert breaks down Trump’s second week in office

Political expert breaks down Trump’s second week in office

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – President Donald Trump's second week in office has been filled with rolling out executive orders, protests and even some back and forth on whether or not to confirm some of his cabinet picks.

Holley Tankersley, a political expert with Coastal Carolina University, sat down with WMBF News for a wrap-up of it all.

"I think some of the most surprising developments over the second week have been in the area of foreign policy," Tankersley said.

Tankersley referenced what seems to be Trump's change of heart when it comes to Israel expanding settlements as one example.

"Israel should cease the construction of new settlements in disputed territory. That is a reversal. That is something that the president, both when he was a candidate and when he assumed office, that he supported those settlements and the expansion of those settlements," she said.

Tankersley also noted the reaction to Trump's travel restrictions on seven majority Islam countries.

"You saw an almost spontaneous outpouring of opposition to that with people going to airports both to protest and to offer to assist those held for questioning or refused entry," she said. "I think one of the notable things about that particular policy decision is that it has become apparent that that particular order was not run by the agencies that would normally vet it."

According to Tankersley, that eliminates necessary checks and balances.

"So when things are happening as quickly as they have been there, it makes it more likely that you're going to have these certain missteps or need to retract previous statements that you've made," she said.

For his third week, Tankersley again urged Trump to slow down.

"The most important thing for politicians and politics in general is information," she said. "And agencies and members of Congress can't handle questions, debate and support the president either, for that matter, if they don't know what he's doing."

As for what seems to be a struggle to confirm some of Trump's cabinet picks, Tankersley said some of what is being seen is the result of poor performances during the hearings themselves.

"Some of this also is due to the fact that the Trump administration was a little bit late in making some of these nominations," Tankersley said. "So it took more time than normal to vet these individuals and make sure that they could clear ethics laws before their hearings."

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