Socastee High student accused of distributing nude pictures in group text

Socastee High student accused of distributing nude pictures in group text

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A 15-year-old Socastee High School student was issued a juvenile summon for allegedly distributing nude photos to a number of people, including classmates.

According to a Horry County Police Department incident report, Socastee High's school resource officer was approached by several students on Jan. 30, who said they had received the nude photos in a group text chat.

"The students stated that an unknown individual sent a text message in the group chat 'everybody send nudes of people,'" the report stated. "The amount of people involved in the original group conversation increased tremendously as several of them began inviting other people to the group."

Eventually, the SRO and school administrators contacted the suspect, who allegedly admitted to sending the pictures to seven different females in the group text, according to the report. Four of the girls reportedly lived in another state.

May Cox, whose daughter goes to Socastee High, said she was shocked when she heard about the situation.

"I didn't know that something like that happened here at this school," Cox said. "So it's definitely something that's going to be brought up at dinner tonight."

Candi Christmas, who also has a daughter at Socastee High, said she would like for kids to be educated on the dangers that come with these types of actions.

"Education and letting them know the dangers of those types of social media and what can happen and being caught up in it is a terrible tragedy for some kids," said Christmas.

The 15-year-old had already deleted all of the photos he had in his cellphone, the report stated. He was then released to his father after being issued a juvenile summon for disseminating obscene material.

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