‘Mayor Put These Sidewalks In' signs seen in Conway

‘Mayor Put These Sidewalks In' signs seen in Conway

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - An anonymous person is pushing to add more sidewalks in one particular area of our community.

The signs read "Mayor put these sidewalks in," and they've been seen along 501, near Conway High school, and the Auto Zone across the street.

The mayor says a lot of people have asked her about it, but she says she has no idea who or what group is responsible because there's no name on the signs.

The city has actually removed several signs from within Conway, and says whoever is posting them has been so for some time.

The mayor believes whoever is responsible has put in a lot of effort and likely money to have them printed.

Now she questions why they're going about their requests this way.

She says no, but says if she had to guess she would say it's someone linked to the high school since it's across the street. Possibly a student's parent or a person who likes to walk for exercise. But she can only assume since the person has remained anonymous.

So we talked about the process of getting a sidewalk put in.

She says first the city would need to determine if it's in city limits.

Second, the city would see if the request can fit within the Conway sidewalk project that's currently in place.

The mayor wants you to know if you see a patch of sidewalk that's not attached to another piece of sidewalk, it's because there's not a residential or commercial building in that space.

Conway city leaders try to make sure there's some sidewalk at least on one side of the road and in this case there is.

But she's still interested in hearing the argument behind the signs.

"My appeal today is whoever is spending that much time and energy to gain my attention or the council's attention is that they just self-identify, I'm just hard pressed to understand why anyone would go through that effort, but will not pick up the phone and call city hall," Mayor Barbara Blain-Bellamy said.

Mayor Blain-Bellamy says if you are the person or know who is putting up the signs  the best way to get in touch with her is through the city administrator, any department head, or any member of city council.

If you were looking to get her attention you got it, but now she's looking for you.

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