It's Time for a Living Room Makeover

It's Time for a Living Room Makeover

Well, we're a month into 2017.  This time of year everyone reflects on the past, looks forward to the future and strives to make changes.  Looking to make a change to your cramped living room and give it a bright new look?

Make your living room feel like a brand new space by picking out the right furniture.  But before you do, the experts at America's Furniture Warehouse suggest you consider the color schemes that you want to go with and measurements of your living space.

Here are a few tips to make better use of the space you have:

Consider getting a sectional

Sectionals are an easy way to coordinate and bring a room together with comfort, style and purpose.  This sectional is a really neutral piece, that if paired with stylish end tables and cute lamps it could really give your living room a new makeover. This piece also gives you a lot of room to pick out a really trendy throw pillow and an accent rug.

Don't overlook lamps

Gone are the days of brassy lamps that really didn't match anything in particular in your living room, basically they were just there for light. Today lamps in your living area reflect your personality and add cute accents to a room. This lamp shown above helps pull color from your accent pillows on the couch and also helps define your surrounding walls too, thus tying in your room with soft light.

Add something unique.

By adding something unique to your living area, you give your room and the guests you have over a showpiece of your personality.  This unique item shows your self-expression and interests. Be proud to show yourself off.

Take advantage of online room designers like the one on  It allows you design the living room of your dreams from the comfort of your own home.