String of car break-ins have neighbors concerned in Carolina Forest

String of car break-ins have neighbors concerned in Carolina Forest

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Several break-ins in Carolina Forest have some residents feeling on edge.

WMBF spoke with multiple people Friday, who said cars have been broken into on a regular basis and now it is time to address the issue.

According to police reports, there have been more than 10 car break-ins in Carolina Forest over the last week. They have primarily occurred in the Springlake and Windsor Green areas.

Now, neighbors said they are beginning to feel unsafe and should not have to feel scared in their own homes.

Melena Lapree said she walked outside one morning to find her things strewn on the ground and her car doors wide open. She added one of her neighbors had their window busted out.

"I talked to some neighbors and they said the same thing happened to them," said Lapree. "It made me feel really uncomfortable knowing that there were people that didn't belong in my yard outside ransacking through my vehicle."

Others who live blocks away from Lapree shared very similar stories.

"My neighbors came in and was telling us about his husband's car getting broken into and the window getting smashed out of his car," said Kim Ray.

Ray said her son accidentally forgot to lock his car, which could have actually saved his window from being shattered.

"So he was happy he hadn't locked his door," she said. "They were just able to open the door and take out his auxiliary cord, which is a very important object for a 17-year-old."

Lapree and Ray are hoping to shed light on the problem so that it might stop.

"It's very unnerving because there are children who live in this neighborhood and just knowing that someone is creeping around your home in the dark," said Ray.

Both ladies said they want to see more of a police presence in their neighborhood to put an end to the burglaries before it escalates into something worse.

WMBF reached out to Horry County authorities to see if they are noticing a trend. Police officials said they could not get any details until next week.

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