Former NBA star speaks to Myrtle Beach students about the dangers of Heroin

Former NBA star speaks to Myrtle Beach students about the dangers of Heroin

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - From his rise to the NBA to his life-long battle with heroin, Chris Herren is making it his mission to teach kids about the dangers of drugs.

The former Boston Celtic struggled with an addiction to drugs that he said nearly cost him his life. Now sober for eight years, he's spent the last six going city to city, giving a brutally honest look at the hardships he faced. Herren spoke to a full auditorium at Myrtle Beach High School Thursday afternoon.

"Today's heroin addict comes in all shapes and sizes and forms and religions and cultures and all areas of life," Herren said.

After overcoming an addiction that lasted most of his life, Herren said his new goal is no longer to be an athlete, but an example for young students who battle with those same issues.

"You know there will be girls in here who cut themselves with razor blades. There will be boys in here who have been victims of bullying, there will be children in here whose parents are deceased from drugs. There's a whole lot of sad stories sitting in those seats," Herren said.

Herren said the way we teach kids about drugs has to change, and hopes he can be a part of that. He said fixing the problem is not about just listening to a sad story, but listening to the problems of kids to put a stop to addiction before it begins.

"What I've learned is that my story is not enough. You kids deserve way more than just my story," Herren said.

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