State ports authority will look into best use of Georgetown port

State ports authority will look into best use of Georgetown port

GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) – The South Carolina Ports Authority has entered into an agreement with those involved in a land study to decide the best use of the area that houses the Port of Georgetown.

Clint Eisenhauer, senior vice president of external affairs for the SCPA, said it is good for the authority to participate in an Urban Land Institute study to figure out how the real estate would best benefit the region.

He added the authority continues to operate the Georgetown port and there is nothing in the agreement or conversations that calls for its closure at this time.

However, the SCPA is open to closing the port if doing so benefits the area, benefits the study or benefits redevelopment, according to Eisenhauer.

U.S. Rep. Tom Rice, who has previously cited funding for the port as one of the biggest accomplishments of his first two terms in Congress, said he will work with the people of the city and county of Georgetown to grant their wishes in regards to the best use of the real estate, whether that pathway be a port or something else.

"I want them to prosper. I want their children to have an opportunity," Rice said. "I'm going to help them in any way I can."

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