SWA increases landfill dumping rates for Horry County households

SWA increases landfill dumping rates for Horry County households

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Solid Waste Authority is upping its landfill dumping rates by $7 in Horry County, which equates to an average of $1.17 per household per month.

This increase will help to cover operating expenses and future construction projects at the landfill, including an improvement that makes recycled material cleaner.

According to Jan Bitting, the SWA's director of finance, one goal is to implement optical sorters.

"What they'll do is they'll actually be able to sort the material, make it a cleaner material that we'll be able to sell," Bitting said. "So we're hoping to get a better product that will hopefully get us a better price for our materials."

It is not the only reason for the increased fee.

"The economy has a big impact on us, as well as storms," Bitting said. "Storms also have a big impact on how soon the landfill fills up and how much space we have. But the economy probably has the biggest impact on our tipping fee."

The higher fee is also expected to help make up for a deficit the SWA faced last year.

"We saw a deficit last year and had to cover it by not fully funding our future construction," said Bitting.

Now that the deficit has been accounted for, the SWA can focus on construction improvement plans for the landfill.

The new tipping fee will be begin July 1 and run through 2024. This increase is not the first time the SWA has upped the fee, and it probably will not be the last.

"It's something that we'll look at each and every year based on what our expenses are and what the revenue stream is," Bitting said.

One of the next projects the SWA will focus on is working with the Homeowners Association to put more recycling bins and dumpsters in neighborhoods.

In the meantime, the SWA is also already working on a finance plan that will last through the predicted closing of the landfill in 2043.

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