Marion County residents respond to Rice’s Hurricane Matthew grant

Marion County residents respond to Rice’s Hurricane Matthew grant

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - U.S. Rep. Tom Rice may have helped secure millions of dollars for post-Hurricane Matthew storm repair in Marion County, but homeowners are still far from seeing an end to their troubles.

Those troubles continue three months after the storm and people are still cleaning up.

"Marion County, down in this area, it's like we're being forgotten in a way," said resident Dale Taylor.

But Rice, the South Carolina congressman from Horry County, did not forget. He worked to secure a grant to specifically help with Marion County's recovery.

"It makes me feel good. I appreciate all the help I can get because I need all the help I can get at this time," said resident Curtis Lee Taylor. "I don't have anything; I lost everything I had."

Taylor called on Lumberton's T&I Construction for help.

"Everybody I tell that comes to work with us, (I say) 'Don't look at it like we're coming here to make money. Look at is as, you know, you're helping people,'" said T&I employee Michael Maynor. "And in the end, God will bless you. You'll get yours."

Dale Taylor is also looking for a blessing. He cannot live in his home because the ceiling and floors started to collapse due to water damage from Matthew.

He called on a different contractor to do the job  but was not pleased.

"Main seal under the house was rotting and decaying, so that's why I'm doing it myself, so I can make sure I can get it done like it's supposed to be," Dale Taylor said.

But through it all, these men are glad help is on the way, both for them and the community as a whole.

"When it do come, I'd love to see all of their faces because it's going to be a pretty site," Maynor said. "All the stuff they been through, they deserve it."

Rice said he and the Department of Housing and Urban Development will establish different programs and assign specific people to help determine how to distribute funds to certain businesses and homes in Marion County.

He added he is working to make a similar announcement soon for Myrtle Beach.

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