Asbestos delays Thee Dollhouse tear down, county leaders flexible

Asbestos delays Thee Dollhouse tear down, county leaders flexible

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Time is almost up, for what some call an eye sore in the Restaurant Row area.

Two months, that's how long the county gave the property owners.

Now the building's tear down has been delayed by asbestos.

Crews say it should take about a week to get rid of that, but the 60-day agreement is up in less than two weeks.

This is the first day progress is being made at the former location of Thee Doll House.

Crews from Rhino Demolition were sent out to remove the floors and everything else that contained asbestos.

WMBF News talked to county leaders about progress finally being made and they say they are lucky.

Simply because the owners are complying with the original agreement of tearing the building down and not holding the process up by doing otherwise.

People who work around Thee Dollhouse say they look forward to what will replace it.

"I'd like to see something that is nice go up there, another waterfront option if it's a restaurant, a clothing store, theater, something," Bagel Port Owner Cynthia McGuinness said.

Thee Dollhouse sign is finally down and the outside portion of the building looks cleaner than it did before.

More progress was made from the owners, Restaurant Row LLC.

In a few weeks, the demolition process will be over and the owners can rebuild, or sell the property.

Right now, they plan to turn it into restaurant but if that plan doesn't happen, they could sell it, and someone else could decide what to do with it.

But according to the agreement with Horry County it's not allowed to be another adult entertainment business.

People around the area say whatever the building turns into they hope it's more family-friendly than what it was before.

"I'm glad to see it go because it's falling apart, it's just another eyesore on business 17," McGuinness said.

February 5 is the exact date the 60-day agreement between the county and the owners of this building is up.

Since asbestos caught county leaders by surprise, they're willing to somewhat be flexible as long as the owners continue what they agreed upon.

Once the plan is set in stone for what type of restaurant will take this building's place, the next step will be getting an approval by Horry County and then another business license will have to be issued.

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