Myrtle Beach GOP women host 'DeploraBall'

Myrtle Beach GOP women host 'DeploraBall'

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Myrtle Beach Republican Women hosted a ball on Friday night to allow the community to come together and honor the nation's newly inaugurated 45th president.

Called the "DeploraBall," the moniker was taken from Hillary Clinton, who was quoted calling voters for President Donald Trump a "basket of deplorables."

Club president Johnnie Bellamy hoped the event, held at the 2001 Night Club on Restaurant Row, would spread Trump support across the state.

"You know, Hillary called the Trump supporters deplorable so that's kind of how we got started. The basket of deplorables and then the DeploraBall. We're one of 20 in the nation, so we kind of just wanted to put Myrtle Beach on the map a little bit," Bellamy said.

Planning for the event began just a week ago with an online invitation. Within a few short days, over 100 people confirmed they would attend.

"Some of my ladies decided that they really wanted to celebrate," Bellamy said. "They were happy. And we talked about it and within a week we put out an EventBrite and all of these people - I don't know a third of these people - but they're excited as well."

The event, however, was not all fun and games. There was a serious political undertone, as attendees discussed how they see the future of the country.

"Americans are excited that there's a potential that we can protect ourselves at our borders, and that we can grow our country into that shining city that we grew up with and had dreams for," Bellamy said.

Attendees showed their patriotism by dressing in some of their best red, white, and blue, and the token "Make America Great Again" hats.

DeploraBall t-shirts were also sold for $10, with a percentage of sales going to the Special Operations Wounded Warriors organization.

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