Motion claims Horry Co. Police knew of detective’s misconduct for over a decade

Motion claims Horry Co. Police knew of detective’s misconduct for over a decade

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – "Jane Doe," one of several women accusing the Horry County Police Department of negligence in their handling of a detective who allegedly sexually harassed them, filed a motion Thursday requesting a partial summary judgment against the department. The motion claims the department knew of the detective's misconduct as early as 2003.

If granted, the motion would grant an immediate judgment on the issue of the department's negligent supervision of Detective Allen Large, which would prevent that aspect of the case against the department from going to trial, which is scheduled to happen on January 30.

The motion cites correspondence presented by Horry County Police that shows they were specifically aware of concerns about Detective Allen Large's inappropriate contact with crime victims as early as 2003, and were on notice of his "propensity to abuse his position of power and to use this position of power to form inappropriate relationships with female victims of crime."

Because the correspondence was from HCPD's own documents, and was produced to Jane Doe's attorneys through the course of discovery, it is argued that the department know or should have known about the need to exercise control over Detective Large's conduct, and Jane Doe is entitled to a summary judgment on the issue of negligent supervision.

Jane Doe has previously claimed that Detective Large sexually assaulted her in a HCPD vehicle, in addition to coercive behavior, and unwanted sexual advances. She is one of six women to come forward making similar accusations against Detective Large, and against the HCPD and Horry County.

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