Horry County GOP chairman talks inauguration excitement, S.C. involvement

Horry County GOP chairman talks inauguration excitement, S.C. involvement

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - South Carolina will be widely represented as inaugural events continue for President-elect Donald Trump.

Many prominent Republican statesmen and women played a role in Trump's election, and now some serve as top planners ahead of his inauguration on Friday.

As Washington D.C. buzzes with spectators, supporters, protestors and politicians, there are plenty of events going on to keep them busy.

Horry County GOP Chairman Robert Rabon traveled to the capital for the festivities. He ended Wednesday night with a dinner with U.S. Congressman Tom Rice and his wife, and started Thursday with the wreath laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. The president- and vice president-elect both took part in that event.

Following the ceremony, a "Make America Great Again" celebration and concert at the Lincoln Memorial was held.

Rabon said the inauguration is not just a time to celebrate his party's victory, but also a time for lawmakers and politicians to get together and witness a historic event.

"You know, you see a lot of people of like mind and you talk about things, and it's an educational experience," he said during a phone interview. "The only regret I have about going is I wish all my kids and grandkids could go and be a part of it."

Rabon and other attendees will notice a number of changes have come to the nation's capital since President Barack Obama's 2012 inauguration. The first is security.

For the first time, there is a geofence around the security perimeter. That means some ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber will not work in certain areas.

Any items deemed unsafe by security will be confiscated. Banners, strollers and selfie sticks are prohibited outright.

With people flooding to D.C., to celebrate, protest or just enjoy a tradition, security is a concern for some. Rabon, however, said he trusts he will be safe.

"Well they have, you know, there's 30,000 policemen and 5,000 National Guard, and the security is going to be very, very tight," he said. "If there's any incidents anywhere - I don't expect there to be any incidents near the inauguration - I think it will be away from the inauguration.

Also important to the inauguration is the social scene. Many official and unofficial balls are scheduled for Thursday night.

Trump is expected to attend all three official balls, while Rabon said he heard a rumor the president-elect was expected to appear at the sold-out South Carolina State Society Inaugural Ball on Thursday night.

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