Upcoming Intersection improvements in Georgetown could delay your commute

Upcoming Intersection improvements in Georgetown could delay your commute

GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Construction and traffic is a headache no one likes to deal with, but it's a fact of life during road improvement projects.

Wednesday crews will work on resurfacing certain roads.

The asphalt on the road weakens every day because of the heavily congested traffic.

So they're working to replace it to make the roads stronger.

Georgetown County leaders say crews are focusing on several major areas of this community.

You'll see work being done to the areas around US-17 - US 701 - US-521 – and the US-521 intersection.

Your drive may be affected if you use any of these roads listed below:

  • Fraser Street - Prince Street to Memorial Lane
  • West High market - North Hazard Street to Fraser Street
  • East High market - Dozier Street to Fraser Street
  • Exchange Street - North Hazard Street to Fraser Street
  • Church Street - North Fraser Street to approximately 200 feet east of Burger King.

Folks who live and work around this area say they understand the work needs to be done, but it's taking some getting used to the detours.

"You can't just go to your destination and turn around and come back you have to bypass where you need to be and you have to go to some of the other streets and make a long loop to get back here, and were centrally located so it should be an easy 30 minute run get food and come back but it's not the way it is," Georgetown Worker Cindy Evans said.

During this work all Frasier Street traffic will be shifted onto new concrete pavement.

But the intersection at East High Market Street will be closed to traffic.

If your business is in the areas of construction, you will have at least one driveway while work is completed.

The Greenwall construction company working on the intersection improvements will coordinate those accesses.

If you commute near the area during the time of construction, be on the lookout for more detours.

Fraser Street will be a single lane, two-way road on the east side of the road.

People that work here say you may have to get creative in finding your way around.

"We have 18-wheelers that come in and can't deliver because they can't get in here, they have to go around somewhere else, so I don't know how customers are going to get in nonetheless us, we can take back streets to get in but people that aren't from Georgetown won't know how to take some of the backstreets to get here," Evans said.

Construction crews will start working Wednesday night at 6 p.m. up until 6 in the morning.

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