Sixth woman files suit against Horry County Police alleging misconduct by former detective

Sixth woman files suit against Horry County Police alleging misconduct by former detective

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – A sixth woman has filed a lawsuit against the Horry County Police Department claiming that a now former detective assigned to her case was "very flirtatious" with her and suggested she consider boxing with another woman.

The suit, filed on January 13, 2017 on behalf of the woman, identified only as "Jane Doe #5," states that she was in fear of retaliation from her incarcerated ex-boyfriend, who was also the father of her child, and she was cooperating with the police investigation of him in the later part of 2014. She had reached out to police about the ex-boyfriend, who was then investigated for criminal sexual conduct with a minor. Her attorney clarified that the minor in the case was not her child.

Detective Allen Large, who has been accused of similar misconduct in suits filed by other women, was assigned to her case, and suggested many times Jane Doe #5 meet with him at night over dinner or coffee to discuss the case, the suit alleges.

Large "from the onset was very flirtatious with the Plaintiff," the suit states, adding that he was flirtatious both over the phone and in text messages, commenting on her attractiveness, and asking her if she would wear "sexy outfits" if he bought them for her.

"Large also told her he knew of a petite girl or her same size and would she consider boxing with the other girl," the suit states. "Detective Large also commented that he knew the Plaintiff was a good girl, but he wanted to turn her into a bad girl."

Although Jane Doe #5 had never met Large in person, she believed that he had seen pictures of her on her ex-boyfriend's cell phone, which was part of the evidence in the case, according to the suit.

After Jane Doe #5 made a complaint at the police department, and showed up at the department unannounced, he finally met her and took a statement, the suit alleges. While interviewing her in person, Large continued to make flirtatious comments that he found her attractive.

Large continued to pursue Jane Doe #5, the suit claims, and after she told him bluntly that she was not interested, Large would not return her calls; she believed Large was retaliating against her for her refusal of his advances.

As a result of the "negligent, grossly negligent, careless, reckless, willful and wanton acts or omissions of the Defendants and its employees," Jane Doe #5 suffered from "increased anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disruption and vomiting over the mishandling of the case…" the suit states.

Jane Doe #5 is the sixth woman to file suit against Det. Large and/or the Horry County Police Department. The other woman have made similar claims about Large's alleged misconduct, with other women accusing Large of sexual assault and trying to get them to participate in nude "catfights" on video.

The first suit, filed by "Jane Doe" in December of 2015, is expected to head to trial later this month.

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