Loris mayor pleads with Horry County to help fix flood issues

Loris mayor pleads with Horry County to help fix flood issues

LORIS, SC (WMBF) - The town of Loris is asking for help from Horry County officials after flooding issues continue to get worse.

Loris Mayor Henry Nichols told county officials he needs more resources to deal with drainage problems and other issues.

"We have several parts of the city that's being flooded," Nichols said. "It only takes about eight inches, and during Matthew we had from 16 to 18 inches."

Nichols said back in the 1980s, Loris officials had big plans to clean up their ditches and improve their infrastructure, but somewhere down the line those plans fell through.

Now, Nichols wants to see them picked back up.

"It's been about 30 years that we've been working on this problem," he said.

Nichols added the funding is there to get things started, but the city will have to file for grants to afford the changes they want. They will also need a lot of support from the county and the community.

"We have pipes that are 13 inches around town that the minimum should be 15 to 18," he said. "We have standing water where kids play and it's full of mosquitoes."

Several people in Loris agreed with Nichols and went on at length about the issues they continue to face.

Horry County Chairman Mark Lazarus said they want to help, but these things cost money.

"Well, we do have equipment. We do have man power that they don't have, but as I told the mayor, some of this does come at a cost."

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