Restaurant Week kicks off in SC

Restaurant Week kicks off in SC

MYRTLE BEACH, SC - Restaurant Week is kicking off in South Carolina. You have the chance to give more than a dozen restaurants a try here in the Grand Strand - at a bargain.

This year, in our area, 13 businesses are participating. They're offering discounted menus to help you discover what they have to offer. The owner of Croissants said his restaurant has grown this year.

"The beauty of Restaurant Week is maybe you wouldn't come to Croissants, you know we have an awesome menu - $20 three courses, our bakery items are on there, that's what we're known for. You can kind of explore local restaurants. And a lot of them are family-owned that maybe you otherwise wouldn't go to," said Croissants Manager Ben Vukov.

The state hopes the event will bring more people to South Carolina. The state holds Restaurant Week each year in an effort to help the Palmetto State become one of the top culinary destinations in the nation.

"Every year we up the ante. The new culinary school at HGTC just being built, we actually donated part of the culinary department there. We're upping the ante, there are better restaurants coming every year. And there's actually a lot of new ones this year and next year and so it's a way to explore those," Vukov said.

Other restaurants participating this year include Ducati's Pizzeria and Trattoria, Cafe Amalfi, Vintage Twelve and Landry's.

The event runs through Jan. 22. Click here for more information, including a list of restaurants in the Myrtle Beach area participating.

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