New sneaker boutique opens in Myrtle Beach

New sneaker boutique opens in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Two young men are making their dreams a reality, opening up the first Sneaker Boutique in Myrtle Beach. The duo wants to share their love and passion for sneakers, and make it easy for customers to buy, sell, and trade their high-end sneakers.

It's called the The Plug because it's your connection to everything and all things sneakers. "We thought about, and talked about it over and over about opening a store, " said Rhyan Weaver, Co-owner, of The Plug Sneaker Boutique.

Customers can buy, sell, and trade, new or gently used sneakers. "Once your shoe sells,we'll give you your money for it, so regardless of what you want you are going to get that price," said Weaver.

Chief Sneaker Lovers Kevin Yazici and Rhyan Weaver have both collected and traded sneakers for more than ten years.

Weaver added, "I had an extensive collection so did he and from that moment on, we were like let's take a chance, and invest in ourselves."

The boutique is a sneaker head's dream, with all colors, styles, and sizes. Sneakers for adults, to kids, even babies.

They also offer a wide range of classic Air Jordans, to limited editions, Kanye West's Yeezy's. "With the rarity of the shoes, as far as not getting them at Footlocker, Finish Line, or Champs, most of these are releases that have already came out, they are no longer on shelves," explained Weaver.

Co-Owner, Kevin Yazici says when they buy your shoes, the customer names the price. If it's a fair deal the customer can leave with cash, and depending on the condition of the shoe sellers can also trade.

"We like to throw deals here and there, we do have our pricey shoes, but we do have deals, we like to release special deals every day," said Yazici.

Yazici says there could be a sneaker with a retail price of $250, they will have the same shoe, gently used for $150. The store owners say before customers would have to travel to Charlotte and Charleston or go online to get the type of services offered.

"Nobody likes to order online, nobody likes the wait for the mail, nobody likes to check the tracking every day, they like to have items in store and you can just pick it up here," stated Yazici.

Now, plugged in to their dreams and sneaker passion, these two friends hope to fulfill their goals of becoming successful business owners.

"Everybody has a niche, ours just happens to be sneakers," said Weaver.

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