Hunter Renfrow parents relive championship winning game

Hunter Renfrow parents relive championship winning game
(Source: WMBF News)
(Source: WMBF News)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Hunter Renfrow's parents relive the championship winning game.

Tim and Suzanne Renfrow's excitement for not only their son, but the entire team, all of the tiger fans, and everyone from their home town, could be felt through the phone as WMBF News Anchor Lisa Gresci facetimed with them on their way home.

They went over the winning moment, they say their son won't forget any time soon.

"Probably ranked up there as number one. I don't know what the future will hold but um, this will certainly be number one to him right now," Suzanne Renfrow said.

Though it's all over, Hunter's parents are very much still going over the highlights of the game.  One being, Hunter taking on a more defensive role, and tackling one of the crimson tide.

"I thought that was so much fun and that's a part of being part of the team and you do whatever it takes. I asked him today if he was sore and he said he was pretty sore and I'm sure that comes from hitting as well. So that tackle was pretty special," she explained.

It's important to take into account where Hunter's family was sitting. In the end zone where number 13 scored the winning touchdown.

"…the second one, the second one, the last touchdown, we were on that end," Renfrow said.

Probably what will be one of Renfrows' most cherished memories for a long time, was watching it all unfold with Hunter's biggest fans from day one.

"It's great to be there with all the tiger fans, but to be there with family who love him and who have always supported him, was just a thrill," Suzanne Renfrow explained.

During the press conference, Coach Dabo Swinney mentioned the five star quarterback, finding the walk on receiver several times. We asked Hunter's parents how they felt watching their son make those ten catches last night.

"I think they just have good chemistry anyway and last night was just a great night and they were just a good team," she explained.

In that same press conference, separate from the plays made, Renfrow's character.

"…being able to see his work kind of shine and the whole world see it, is just awesome," Quarterback Deshaun Watson said.

"I think he ended up with ten catches, I didn't know that, but that couldn't have happened to a better guy," Coach Dabo Swinney added.

"I think Hunter is just one player of many…I think there were a lot of great plays by a lot of the boys from defense to offense. It was nice they gave him credit, but I think Hunter would say that the credit is pretty...distributed pretty well throughout that team," Suzanne Renfrow said.

Hunter's parents say they were just happy to be there, to see firsthand what they saw coming all season long, bringing home what they see as a well-deserved national title.

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