Ray Lewis III lawyers say rape accusers planned to sue for 'ton of money'

Ray Lewis III lawyers say rape accusers planned to sue for 'ton of money'

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Attorneys for Ray Lewis III, a former Coastal Carolina University football player and the son of former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Lewis, claim that two women who accused him of sexually assaulting them last January did so to sue him for "a ton of money."

In a motion to quash the indictment against Lewis filed in September 2016 by the Brittain Law Firm, the attorneys claim that the two women voluntarily took drugs and drank alcohol at a party, then sought out Lewis and had consensual sex. Lewis' attorneys claim that the women's recollection of events was very specific, "who was there, where clothes items were, who knocked on the door, who asked the other to take certain actions, what sorts of positions they were in, etc." and reports of toxicology of the victims indicate they had very little to drink.

"The victims have a history of functioning knowledgeably while voluntarily taking alcohol and drugs" the motion states.

Lewis' attorneys go on to state that the two women were seen "laughing" in the emergency room, and texted each other: "if we both go after him it's a 2 against 1 and we can sue for [expletive] ton of money." The women also had prior knowledge that Lewis' father was a former NFL player, the attorneys argue.

The motion also claims that Lewis was never given a preliminary hearing, and that because of his "lineage." The Conway Police Department took a special interest in the matter and published information in an "unusual fashion" to harm him.

The motion claims that because Lewis is African American and the women are white, "there is a racial connotation to the manner in which this matter has been processed."

No decision has been made on the motion to quash the indictment, and it was was continued by a judge on January 4, 2017.

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