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Back-to-back title games signals hope for Clemson fans

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - "It's going to be 34-30, Clemson." Jim Lester said confidently. "I'm gonna say 43 to 29." added Kat Nimphius.

Clemson fans came out Monday night in the Grand Strand ready to see another showdown between the Tigers, and the team that beat them a year ago 45-40.

"I think that Alabama knows that we can play with them. They learned that last year. So I think it'll be a different outcome this year." said Don Eagler.

Eagler sat at the same spot at King Street Grille last year and watched Alabama walk away with the title, but says every loss is a lesson.

"There was disappointment, but you know we felt that we were close. We were almost there and we forced them to do some things, trickery, inside kicks, because they couldn't do it man up so they had to do something tricky to win the game." Eagler said.

After a playoff game last week that saw the Tigers hold the Ohio State Buckeyes to zero points, fans see a Clemson program on the rise. Tiger fans say win or lose, seeing their team make it to the big stage back to back is a testament to how far they've come.

"Well it just says how awesome we are and how far we've come. Two years in a row. Obviously that means something and I think it really put the fire under their butt this year to come back and get our title." said Nimphius.

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