Conway Fire responds to smoke in Jersey Mike's

Conway Fire responds to smoke in Jersey Mike's

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Smoke filled the front of Jersey Mike's in Conway on Sunday.

"Well, we were closing like a normal night and we just served two customers and I turned and looked at the lobby and the lobby was filled with smoke," said Coy Johnson, who was working at Jersey Mike's at the time. "I looked at her and basically told her to get out because it was frightening."

Two people had just left with their food. The two people working began cleaning up and getting ready to close.

"I was walking out to lock the door and [Johnson] turned around and automatically noticed the lobby was filled with smoke," said Ashley Lee, who was also working at Jersey Mike's. "He was like 'You need to get your stuff and get out.'"

Afraid for their lives, the two took what they could and ran out the front door to safety.

Lee said she smelled propane just minutes before the smoke appeared. Johnson said the smoke was abnormal and didn't know what to expect.

When Conway Fire arrived, there was no threat of fire, according to the chief on scene. There was a problem with the HUD system, which is designed to remove smoke from the kitchen, according to Conway Fire.

Conway Fire says they expect the store should be able to open and back in business Monday morning.

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