Flight cancellations ahead of winter weather

Flight cancellations ahead of winter weather

(MYRTLE BEACH, SC) - This weekend, South Carolina will see its first winter weather of the year. As a result, people planning on traveling may find themselves stranded. People like Matthew McCrary who had to reroute his travel arrangements in order to get back home.

"I had to leave the site early because everything started getting canceled. So, I had to catch the last flight anywhere," McCrary said.

People are relieved ahead of this weekend's storm just to make their flights.

According to Kirk Lovell, the spokesperson for Myrtle Beach International Airport, all Delta flights and many American Airlines flights are canceled in and out of Myrtle Beach during the day Saturday.

Some who are flying out of Myrtle Beach are less concerned with when they get to their destination.

"A little concerned, but not overly worried. If we get there one day or the next day," Robert Lange, who's visiting his family, said. "I'm retired, so I'm free."

On a Friday evening, many are thankful to either start their weekend on schedule, or return from a week of work, like McCrary.

"Yeah I'm glad I made it. If you get stuck in a snow storm - I travel a lot - if you get stuck in a snow storm, you're there for three days sometimes. Just sitting in an airport, just bored out of your mind. I'm glad I made the last one," McCrary said.

Airlines are expected to return to normal schedules Sunday at Myrtle Beach International Airport. Representatives from the airport encourage you to check your airline's website for information on your flights this weekend.

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