Neighbors respond to overnight shooting sending two people to the hospital

Neighbors respond to overnight shooting sending two people to the hospital

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Neighbors respond to an overnight shooting that sent two people to the hospital.

Police say around 2 a.m. officers arrived on scene to find two people shot at a residence along Weeks Drive.

Since then, the Horry County Coroner's Office has checked in with the hospital, and says both victims are recovering.

One couple has lived on Weeks Drive for so long that the road is named after them.

"Yeah we were the first ones in here, there were no one else in here, and all the other houses you see here were moved off the beach," Robert Weeks said.

For Robert Weeks and his wife, the overnight came as a surprise. They got several phone calls about it, including one from their daughter.

"We were just really amazed. We didn't even know anything about it, hear anything about it. And she was about the third one to call us saying it was on the news," Weeks said.

As alarming as it is, The Weeks say they feel safe and the neighborhood is usually quiet.

"Well, it's very quiet and that's what we like. It's very quiet we don't know a whole lot of people, and the ones we do know, they come by and they're friendly and they're nice.

Though quiet, Weeks says like any other neighborhood, they have seen violence in the past.

"I mean…somebody was killed right across the street here, in that trailer, somebody crawled through the window and killed a girl there. They never had found out who it is. Just across the street," he remembered.

Weeks, a long-time minister, has his answer to stop the violence.

"Of course my answer is the lord, they need to know the lord," he said.

Though police haven't gone into detail about what happened here, or if there are any suspects. Neighbors like the Weeks say it won't change the way they feel in their home, and that's safe.

"We just found out about it this morning, but it won't affect what we are doing I don't think, we'll just lock our doors," Weeks explained.

As always though, if you know anything about this, call police.

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