Cost to dispose of waste could go up 30 pct., Conway leaders want answers

Cost to dispose of waste could go up 30 pct., Conway leaders want answers

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - If you live in Horry County, the cost to have your trash picked up may go up within the next year. The Solid Waste Authority will have to raise its costs in the coming year, and now Conway leaders say they want an explanation.

"We simply have a responsibility to our constituents to understand what those new charges are about," said Conway mayor, Barbara Blain-Bellamy. "Cost increases are just a condition of our world, but when they are upwards of 40 percent in one increase then it just brings some questions to bear."

The executive director of the Solid Waste Authority, Danny Knight, said the increase was a result of a recent study that found the cost to dispose of waste would go from $29 to $39 a ton over the next fiscal year.

"And this leaves us to wonder what is so different about this year why such an enormous change so suddenly," Bellamy said.

Knight says the reason is partly due to the fact that the fees haven't been raised in the last 20 years. Barbara Whitley owns Crady's restaurant in Conway and says the increase could trickle down to business owners and residents as well. However, Whitley says she's happy she has a mayor and city council willing to ask the tough questions for her.

"I do have a lot of faith in our Mayor and the council that support her in that, she really seems to be doing what she can to protect the citizens of her town," Whitley said.

"Two or three dollars in one household is different than two or three dollars in another. So we don't take this lightly at all," Bellamy said.

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