Carolina Forest residents say their mail is being opened, rifled through

Carolina Forest residents say their mail is being opened, rifled through

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - Several people on social media are claiming they haven't been receiving their mail and others claim their mail is being opened before it gets to their mailbox.

A manager at the Carolina Forest Post office who said wouldn't be able to comment on those claims, but did say envelopes have been known to get damaged or opened accidentally during the mailing process. Barbara Runion says she thought she was the only one having issues, until she saw a Facebook post that shocked her.

"I'm searching for some answers so I said well let me just see what's going on with the other residents. And I was absolutely blown away." said Runion.

Runion says she came across this Facebook post in a closed group for Residents of Carolina Forest. In it, Michelle Gallagher claims her mail was opened on several occasions. Over 40 comments followed, many with similar stories.

"A Christmas card that I got, it physically had been torn open, and crudely sealed up. You could see where someone had tried to lick what was left of the glue onto the Christmas card."

Runion claims there are also several cards that never made it do the mailbox at all.

"After I saw scores and scores of people on that Facebook, residents of Carolina Forest Facebook page, I'm not the only one."

According to US law, the penalty for opening mail that isn't addressed to you is a fine and up to five years in prison.

"I don't know who to point the finger at." said Runion.

"Mail is sacred. It's packages. It's checks. It's letters. We need to get our mail. It's a violation."

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