Dillon boy, 4, requires surgery after being attacked by a pit bull

Dillon boy, 4, requires surgery after being attacked by a pit bull

DILLON, SC (WMBF) - A 4-year-old Dillon boy went into surgery Monday night after being attacked by a pit bull, according to Dillon Police Chief David Lane.

The incident happened on West Washington Street in the Jacksonville area of Dillon around 7p.m. on Monday night. Takeema McCall talked to WMBF News about what she witnessed. McCall said her nephew, Za'Quincey Bethea was on the porch with his family when the owner was walking with his pit bull. She said the dog was not wearing a leash or a collar when he came up to the house and attacked the boy.

"A little four year old. That dog could have got me and ate me to death if it wanted to." McAll stated it's a dog the family frequently sees in the neighborhood. "Somehow the dog just came up on the porch and got him and drug him all the way down there and starting biting him. We told the owner to get the dog and the owner said the dog was playing with my nephew."

She said Za'Quinzey was screaming and crying, and her boyfriend put his knee on the pit bull's back to hold him down, and was able to pull the boy off. He was taken to the hospital right away. "I'm never going to be the same again, I've never seen nothing like that. I'm never going to be the same again, I know I'm not. Even though he is alright, it's just him going through that, he's got to grow up thinking about that, he will just remember that and its something I'll always remember."

Tuesday afternoon, McCall said the surgery went well. "His leg, he's got a big hole in his leg, his bone is showing, but they stitched him up pretty good," said McCall.

The family has their own pit bull too, but McCall said she was scared to make it even worse. "If I would have went and got Rocky and came back, I wouldn't have had my nephew. I just thank God."

Chief Lane said officers and Dillon Animal Control are searching for the pit bull and the owner. Call Dillon Police with any information.

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