Myrtle Beach Uber drivers give back to the community, 25 cents at a time

Myrtle Beach Uber drivers give back to the community, 25 cents at a time

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - You may think of Uber as just a form of transportation, but the local drivers in your community are trying to be much more than that.

A handful of drivers looking to help those in need started UBER-Cares just three weeks ago. The program takes a voluntary 25-cent donation for every ride and gives it to the Community Kitchen in Myrtle Beach.

"When you work, you start to know the places," said Ruthie Tabib, an Uber driver who has gotten to know the Myrtle Beach area so well, and wanted to come up with a way to help out. "We decided we can donate a quarter for each ride we're making for the Community Kitchen. The idea was to give something back to the community, and it's going pretty well. We have the heart."

The cars involved in UBER-Cares are flagged with a heart sticker. Deacon Peter Cassamento handed them out. He's the executive director of Community Kitchen on Joe White Avenue, which serves free meals to the homeless. Cassamento says he was thrilled by the idea, and received $100 from the cause after just one week.

Tabib says a little goes a long way. "They serve like 500 meals a day, and we're more than happy to help with that," she said.

Tabib said the program took no time to get off the ground, because everybody was already on board.

"I think that they all like it," Tabib said. "Nobody said no. It's only a quarter, you know? And a quarter can turn into big money."

The returns haven't been counted yet, but drivers said they received tons of donations over New Year's Eve, and most customers have been more than happy to help.

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