Man catches woman on home camera stealing from his porch New Year’s Day

Man catches woman on home camera stealing from his porch New Year’s Day

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A local man who lives here in Myrtle Beach is asking for your help finding the person he says stole art off his front porch.

If you look at this house it looks like it has all the typical front porch furniture and decorations, but one thing's missing.

"A metal sculpture of a mermaid about five feet long that was attached to the wall," Myrtle Beach Resident Craig Lovejoy says.

Craig Lovejoy lives in Emmens Preserve near the Market Common and on New Year's morning something caught his and his neighbors' attention.

"I noticed a piece of art work was missing, he went over to his house and found out his art work was stolen," Lovejoy said.

His neighbor showed us the spot where his piece of art was taken, but Craig had a different approach.

"I went online to see where my outdoor cameras was and there was video of her actually taking it off and leaving," Lovejoy said.

Craig said the actual piece that was stolen had little value to him.

"Sounds like she was impressed with the piece of artwork and when she was struggling to get it off and when she finally got it off she expressed relief that she was able to take it," Lovejoy said.

He does want to find the person responsible. Now he's passing this sign around the neighborhood to try to keep it from happening again. He also has another trick up his sleeve.

"Maybe I'll get something that I can really bolt to the wall so they have a tough time stealing it," Lovejoy said.

The Lovejoy family told WMBF News they contacted the Myrtle Beach police, but if you recognize or have any information on who this woman is please do the same.

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