Dead dog found inside trunk in Florence County

Dead dog found inside trunk in Florence County

EFFINGHAM, SC (WMBF) – Florence County Environmental Services is investigating after a dead dog was discovered in a trunk off a dirt road in Florence County earlier this week.

Herbie Christmas with FCES said the Sheriff's Office got the call Christmas Eve about what was thought to have been a human fetus in a trunk off a county-maintained dirt road in the Effingham area.

In the trunk, wrapped up in a blanket, was a dead dog. Christmas said the cause of death and the reason behind the dog's death are undetermined. He said it could be related to some sort of retaliation involving high school students, or it could be gang-related.

Names printed on the outside of the trunk are consistent with names on furniture found about six months ago in a similar area.

Thursday afternoon, Christmas was made aware of information on social media that could develop into a lead.

If you have information on the case, call FCES at 843-665-3053.

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