North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue trains all week

North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue trains all week

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Teams of firefighters put on full gear with oxygen Tuesday night as part of a three day training program in North Myrtle Beach.

Through Thursday, firefighters will be simulating fires at their training facility on Second Avenue in North Myrtle Beach.

Just like they would respond to a real call, firefighters don't know where the fire will be located, or if there are victims inside.

"They know the layout of the building, obviously. With our building being three stories there are only certain areas we can burn in," Billy Floyd, the North Myrtle Beach Fire Training Division Chief, said. "So, after a couple times they know the building itself. There's not much we can do to change the layout of the building. So we just kind of change some of the factors for them.

The training facility North Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue uses has nine different areas were they can start fires. There are several different scenarios firefighters have to practice for.

"For the first scenario they're coming into tonight, they're required to make entry on the second or third floor only as if it were a raised beach house," Floyd said.

This is training the fire department does twice a year. They train for nighttime fires during the winter because it gets dark earlier.

North Myrtle Beach is teaming up with the Conway Fire Department to do this training.

"The crews that are with us here tonight are actually the same crews that were with us on the Christmas morning fire … And they we have our mannequins that we set up," Floyd said. "Either inside the building, outside the building on the roof, hanging out a window, in the stairwell; so they come across those victims as they do their search and rescue."

Each drill takes about 20 minutes, and the training goes on for three hours each night.

Crews meet with Chief Floyd after the training to go over what went well, and what could be done to work more efficiently. This is all part of regular fire training.

Firefighters in our area train for every kind of situation, like rescuing a victim trapped in a pit. The very training that saved the life of one man earlier this year.

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