Local lawmaker comes to defense of Israel after UN resolution

Local lawmaker comes to defense of Israel after UN resolution
Rep. Alan Clemmons helped craft the U.S-Israeli GOP platform. (Source: WMBF News)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A local lawmaker is speaking out against President Barack Obama after the United Nations Security Council passed a controversial resolution.

It labels Jewish people as "occupiers" of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The president decided to keep the U.S. out of that decision, and now South Carolina State Rep. Alan Clemmons and those in the local Jewish community say they strongly disagree with that decision.

President-elect Donald Trump openly criticized the U.N. on Twitter after the resolution passed on Friday, but said things will be different after he takes office. Clemmons agrees, and traveled to New York Tuesday to meet with Trump's new ambassador to Israel.

"On Friday, President Obama chose to abstain and let them make a very strong decision that means Jews are illegal occupiers of part of Jerusalem." said local Rabbi Doron Aizenman.

Aizenman has worked closely with Clemmons in the past. He says he's proud to have a local politician who cares so deeply about the problems of his people.

"It's good in a small state like South Carolina to have such a strong leader that cares about national and international issues," Aizenman said.

Clemmons openly criticized the U.N.'s decision to label the Jewish people as "occupiers," even writing a think piece for the Jerusalem Post. Many other Republicans, like Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, have also spoken out in favor of Israel.

Aizenman said it doesn't take being in a certain party to know what's right.

"Whoever knows the history of our nation, the history of the state of Israel, the relationship in the Middle East, is going to know that Israel is the only partner," he said.

With the U.N., decision falling so close to the start of Hanukah, Aizenman believes this is a sign things might get better under President-elect Trump.

"It's not a coincidence that we are celebrating Hanukah today," Aizenman said. "Our nation has been existing for thousands of years, and greater challenges were thrown our way, and we overcame. And we will overcome this challenge as well."

Aizenman added he wants peace for all the religions of the world and that's why it's important for local communities and the U.S., to stay on top international issues.

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