Marion community gets bikes for Christmas

Marion community gets bikes for Christmas

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - James Lane said he and his family have enough for themselves. This Christmas he felt a calling to do more for other people. That is when he started collecting children's bicycles.

This Christmas, the Lane family worked together to try to get as many bicycles as they could. The goal was to give them to children who didn't have as many possessions this holiday season.

"We went to Walmart and we negotiated with the manager on this bike, the orange Mongoose bike, and we negotiated for these two bikes," said James Lane, the organizer of the charity.

Through donations and purchases he made himself, Lane's goal was to get 25 bicycles this Christmas. He camped out for several hours early this morning and posted to Facebook asking people to bring bikes and gifts.

"We didn't achieve my goal of 25. But thank God we got what we got and some kids are going to be happy," James Lane said.

This charity is a spiritual one. Lane was motivated by hard times to live a spiritual life. Since then, he said he vows to always be giving and put smiles on faces like these.

"I had a catastrophe in my life a year ago. I came to God throughout that catastrophe," he said.

Whether religious or not, these people are brought together this Christmas through charity and holiday spirit.

Lane said he will accept donations Christmas day. If you'd like to donate, you can contact him at 843-877-0996.

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