Passengers report easy travel at MYR

Passengers report easy travel at MYR

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The holiday travel woes aren't being found that often at Myrtle Beach International Airport this year.

"It's been a peaceful experience so far. I'm surprised it's not as busy as I thought," MYR traveler Angel Ruster said.

Ruster flew in from Grand Rapids, Mich., a city that also has a smaller airport, but one that is still busier than Myrtle Beach.

"Busier than this for sure. It was crowded this morning," she added.

Other travelers agree. The Lear family left early Friday morning to complete a four-leg trip. They traveled from Sacramento, Calif., to Salt Lake City, Utah, to Charlotte, N.C. and on to Myrtle Beach.

Randy Lear said the four-leg trip is more affordable than one-stop flights he looked at to get to Myrtle Beach this year.

"We could have done a shorter flight, gone straight from Sacramento to Charlotte to Myrtle Beach, but by doing the Salt Lake (route), we saved over $1,000 just for the four of us," Lear said.

Passengers said other airports were so busy they couldn't find a seat.  Lines at airport restaurants were also long, they added.

The biggest worry passengers had was figuring out what to do with the spare time before the flight out of Myrtle Beach.

"Because I was watching The Weather Channel and they were talking about all the airports being packed and at least arrive two hours early, so I heed their warnings and arrive two hours early and find nobody here, actually," Chicago native Jack Ciotuszynski said.

The suggested two hours to arrive before a flight isn't necessary for MYR travel, a couple of travelers told WMBF News.

Passengers were in agreement that easy travel made them want to come back to the area.

It was Ciotuszynski's first visit to the Grand Strand. He said he came for business, but his positive experience makes him want to bring the family in the spring.

MYR considers the official holiday travel season Friday, Dec. 16t through Friday, Jan. 6.

An official MYR press release states:

  • During this holiday travel season, airlines have scheduled almost 74,000 arriving/departing seats at the Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR)
  • Based on airline schedules, the potential busiest holiday travel days at MYR are Dec. 22, Dec. 23, Dec. 26 and Jan. 2.  On each of the busiest days, scheduled total arriving/departing seat capacity is 3,462 each day
  • During the holiday travel season, Spirit will offer approximately 49percent of MYR’s scheduled seat capacity, American Airlines 32 percent and Delta Air Lines 19 percent

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