Former Myrtle Beach football player arrested in Ohio for aggravated robbery case

Former Myrtle Beach football player arrested in Ohio for aggravated robbery case

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Former Myrtle Beach Seahawks football player Kyle Belack was arrested at Ohio University University on alleged charges of aggravated robbery. According to Athens County Prosecuting Attorney Keller J Blackburn, Athens Police were called to investigate the incident on Shafer Street in Athens on December 7, 2016.

Athens News states that three OU football players were seen walking into an apartment complex wearing ski masks and armed with brass knuckles. They also allegedly threatened to kill someone, stole $5,000 and marijuana.

Three people were immediately arrested following the incident. Reports say Belack fled on foot and was later apprehended. Blackburn said Shafer Street has a history of dealing drugs; residents living in that area have reportedly stolen from the suspects in the past.

Athens News stated Belack was the fourth suspect in this case and arrested Friday morning and posted bond. Prosecutors will waive a preliminary hearing and refer the case to an Athens County Grand Jury.

Belack was named the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand Player of the year in 2014 and led the area in receiving yards during his junior and senior seasons. He finished his career with 48 touchdowns and 194 receptions. See full story and video highlights here. 

He signed to play football with the Ohio Bobcats after finishing in Myrtle Beach.You can view video of his signing with OU here.

The investigation continues on this case with charges pending.

Keller J. Blackburn

ATHENS, Ohio – On December 7, 2016, the Athens Police Department was called to investigate an Aggravated Robbery on Shafer Street in Athens, Ohio. Three individuals were arrested due to witness statements taken at the time. De’Smond Noel, 18, of Cincinnati, Ohio, Jacob Ready, 19, of Lakewood, Ohio, and Austin Allaby, 20, of Bethel, Connecticut, who was identified as the driver of the vehicle. Another individual, Kyle Belack, 20, of Athens Ohio, fled on foot and was later apprehended.

Upon receipt of the case, Athens County Prosecutor’s Office Investigators began interviewing those involved. Ready cooperated and provided additional information. It was discovered that residents of Shafer Street, where the alleged incident took place, have a history of dealing narcotics and are believed to have stolen from some of the alleged suspects in the past.

Due to the cooperation of Ready, Allaby and Noel, the lack of criminal histories and the fact that no one was injured, they were found to be eligible for the Prosecutor’s A.C.E. diversion program.

The A.C.E. diversion program is individually tailored to address the circumstances that cause the individual to commit a criminal offense. Specifically, individuals are required to meet a series of goals with the purpose of preventing future crime. Those who fail are sentenced on their underlying offense, while those who succeed have an option to right their wrong and be productive members of society.

The investigation of this matter continues, with additional charges pending for other individuals.

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