Elvis family to hold annual prayer vigil

Elvis family to hold annual prayer vigil

(HORRY COUNTY, SC) - Christmas is hard for the Elvis family. It was Christmastime in 2013 when Heather Elvis' parents last saw her. She was standing in front of what may be one of the most recognizable symbols of the season - a Christmas tree.

"Christmas is hard. The last time I saw my daughter was in front of a Christmas tree," said Terry Elvis.

The Elvis family has not given up hope, though, that they will find their lost daughter.

"She will be found. One day," said Debbi Elvis, Heather's mother.

"That's a hope you can't give up on. There's not a day goes by that you don't walk down a hallway in the house and you see childhood pictures," Terry Elvis said. "All the memories are still there. When you see stuff like that you just want so badly to just go and find out where she's at."

Sunday, Dec. 18, the Elvis family is holding an annual prayer and Christmas gathering at Peachtree Landing.

Peachtree Landing is where Heather's car was found after her disappearance three years ago.

The message the Elvis family wants to send is there is still hope for families dealing with loss during the Christmas season.

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