Hearings continue on investigation of death of Michael Jordan's father

Hearings continue on investigation of death of Michael Jordan's father

ROBESON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The man convicted of killing Michael Jordan's father, James Jordan, went before a judge again Friday afternoon.

The hearing was held at the Robeson County Courthouse. This is the second hearing within the month for Daniel Green's defense attorneys to present evidence and ask for a motion for appropriate relief.

The fight for a retrial in Green's case was delayed after a judge's ruling on the Friday hearing. Attorneys for Daniel Green say their goal was to get one step closer to a retrial, but the delay may actually help their case.

Scott Holmes, Green's attorney, talked with WMBF News after the hearing.

"Today there was a hearing that was fairly complicated with respect to affidavits and that sort of thing, and it just gave us more time to present information to him in a different way," said Scott Holmes.

The new information came from what the court ordered the state to present in November about former Robeson County Sheriff Hubert Stone and his illegitimate son Hubert Larry Deese, who was a known drug trafficker. They argued that the sheriff's office hid drug trafficking investigations. Holmes said supplemental information is helping their case.

"They produced some information this week as a result of that order that talks about both Hubert Stone and Hubert Larry Deese. And we took that information and made a filing today that we think is pretty significant," Holmes said. "We hope it will provide a further basis for our client to have a re-trail and get out of custody."

Judge Michael Beale ordered the state to look for more investigations from 1993 and 1994 as well. Before the court can approve a retrial, Green's attorneys have to convince the judge of errors in the first trial. Then, all of the evidence, both old and new, will be examined before a new trial can be considered.

Rick Persons became friends with Green back in 2009. He decided to dig into this investigation himself because he said so much of it didn't make sense to him. He and Daniel became close friends with Green, so he attends every hearing.

"I stay confident because I know that what has happened in Daniel's case and his civil rights being violated will come to be exposed. And the mistakes that were made in his case will help him one - get an evidentiary hearing, and two - get a new trial, then, eventually exonerated," said Rick Persons.

Also at the hearing was Green's sister, Ebony Moore. She said the last hearing she attended was over a year ago. Moore explained how it's always hard emotionally to see her brother, and after the hearing, she watched as he was taken back to prison.

"It doesn't mean that the fight is over. It just means that in order to get an evidentiary hearing, his defense team is just going to have to try just a little bit harder from this point forward," Persons said.

Judge Michael Beale said there is no need to schedule the next hearing at this time. He also said Green does not need to be present until he knows if an evidentiary hearing will happen or not.

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