Myrtle Beach housing project sent back to drawing board

Myrtle Beach housing project sent back to drawing board

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The land along 67th Avenue North could soon be the site of a new, four-building apartment complex that would house up to 224 families.

"I'm very pleased someone is taking that land and doing something," said Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board Chairman Larry Bragg.

The land is an undeveloped section on the north side of 67th Avenue North off Kings Highway.

The apartment complex still has a long road ahead of it until construction can begin. Thursday was what's called a conceptual review - where the idea of what the project will look like is presented.

In addition to the four-building complex, an aluminum pool fence, parking and landscape plans were also reviewed.

"There were many many wonderful things about it," Bragg said. "However the buildings, the way they were sited on the land, still need quite a bit of work," Bragg said.

The way the buildings are sited now, they will have an industrial or college dormitory look.

The buildings in this apartment complex will be much bigger than other buildings in the surrounding area, which has some residents concerned.

"They will be the tallest buildings on 67th - I've no doubt about that. But I'm hoping they'll be set in enough on, I believe it was 11 and a half acres, to where it won't have an adverse effect on neighboring properties," he said.

Bragg is hopeful the plans for the complex will receive approval after the first meeting in January.

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