Flood-prone neighborhood in Florence County gets new drainage system

Flood-prone neighborhood in Florence County gets new drainage system

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - After nearly 50 years, one neighborhood that floods almost anytime it rains is getting a new drainage system. The new project is happening in the Brookgreen Community in Florence County off Mechanicsville Road.

A meeting was held Tuesday evening at Brooks-McCall park in the community so people can ask questions and learn what to expect with the new construction project.

There are close to 500 people who live in the community, and many have expressed their concern about flooding to District 3 Councilman, Al Bradley, and asked for a change.

Councilman Bradley said the project will cost $1 million dollars and will be funded through the penny sales tax extension. He said it is part of the $4 million budget each councilman receives to do improvement projects in their district.

A contractor has been selected and will begin the construction of tearing up the streets and put in a new drainage system. Bradley said the neighborhood is shaped like a bowl so the drains fill up anytime it rains. Ethel Jamison's front yard has been so flooded, she said water went underneath her house and rusted her furnace, completely ruining it.

Jamison said, "I couldn't use it anymore, so I just had to put in a whole new heating system and you know what that costs. You can hardly walk around in the yard because it's so soggy, you know and then the rain settles out there and it looks like a pond. It's just hard, and I've been hearing about it for so long they were going to do something, but I hadn't seen anything yet."

Jamison said even when the ditches are cleaned up, the water flow is greater than what the ditches can hold. "We've been here for so long and suffering with it. Often times you know my septic tank, we have septic tanks here and that fills up and you can hardly wash your clothes because it will back up until the water goes down."

Her neighbor, George Harrison has had the same problems. He said, "They need to cover them up, people throw trash in them and debris in the ditches and when it rains real heavy or a long week of rain, ugh it'd be up, the water will be up in the yard and everything, it's a serious problem that needs to be taken care of."

Jamison said, "I'm happy that something is coming, I hope so. That'll be a blessing"

The contractor is ready to begin work, and after Tuesday's meeting, Councilman Bradley said he wants everyone to be on the same page for the construction to start in the next couple weeks.

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