Garden City continues to recover following Hurricane Matthew

Garden City continues to recover following Hurricane Matthew

GARDEN CITY, SC (WMBF) - More than two months later, hurricane recovery continues in Garden City.

Georgetown County will be picking up debris this week along the beach side of the houses in Garden City starting Tuesday morning. That includes vegetative or wooden debris from Hurricane Matthew.

Georgetown County Spokesperson Jackie Broach said the debris needs to be removed before the county can start cleaning up piles of sand.

Contractors used construction equipment, such as a skidsteer, to move sand off properties and driveways in Garden City Monday.

Sand lines the edges of properties, roads and sidewalks in both Horry and Georgetown Counties.

Horry County Public Works is removing sand from the public right-of-ways and will make one more pass for that. The county cannot take the sand from private property.

The operating partner of Gulfstream Cafe said the sand caused issues driving through portions of Waccamaw Drive right after the storm.

"The road when we came down here Sunday morning was completely covered in sand. We were stopped about half a mile down the road by Georgetown County Sheriff's who advised us to walk it," said Jef Kirk, operating partner of Gulfstream Cafe.

The restaurant was closed for six days due to the hurricane and the power outage.

"Financially, it's very hard to make up a week of sales," Kirk said.

Once the power was back on though, Kirk said customers started coming in immediately,

"A lot of the area residents were back in town and a lot of the tourists wanted to see what was going on down here, so we had a pretty good influx of people," he said.

Now, the restaurant is working to fix some damage to the property. An air conditioning unit was installed Monday. The ventilation has been fixed underneath the building.

Lattice under the building, a sign in front of it and some shingles on the roof were also damaged from the storm.

"It's going to be ongoing," he said. "In the area, all of the contractors are busy. Trying to get a roofer out here to look at the roof, everyone is busy with property damage. Everyone is doing their best to get things patched up."

Georgetown County will remove debris from 517 South Waccamaw Drive to 2015 South Waccamaw Drive.

Debris must be unsecured, located east of the primary sand dune and above the high tide line. It can only consist of lumber and vegetative debris from Hurricane Matthew.

Debris that residents don't want to have picked up can be placed on the west side of the primary dune.

Beach Accesses numbers 1 and 42 will be closed for debris removal along with the parking areas on the north side of Yucca Avenue (between S Waccamaw Dr and Underwood Dr) and the north side of Dolphin St. (between S. Waccamaw Dr and the cul-de-sac).

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